So, what's the purpose here, you ask?



        When it finally became clear that there was no point to waiting around to be returned to our prior, normal states, we instigated the escape - in our wake leaving security breached so that any who wished to follow were able. The purpose originally was not to form a group afterwards, merely to allow our fellows to be free to live whatever lives may be left for us.


                                                                                                    But we had already realized there was not much point in                                                                                                       attempting to re-assimilate to our old lives. We had access to                                                                                                   knowledge the others did not. An inside source that made us                                                                                                   only too aware the danger and assured mortality rate of any                                                                                                     attempt to return to our former existence. Those of us who                                                                                                       remained either had nowhere else to go, or had too                                                                                                                     much to lose from the past. So we stayed together in the                                                                                                           interest of survival.


                                                                                                    How to start anew?


      Sometimes posing as everyday people in trades that suit old or new talents, we move from location to location as needed, using various connections to get by without attracting too much attention. Of course, for a healthy amount of discretion and quite a heavy fee - or sometimes, just for the sake of a cause that hits home enough to motivate - we will use our augmented and military honed skills for tasks more suiting our current nature. Nowhere is too far to travel, no feat is dismissed without thought, save those of truly devious natures. There must, after all, be a line. Something that separates us from those who we run from. Something that retains the greater purpose we originally sought which made us willing participants to become what we are. 


       And always, we must stay alert. It would be foolish to think after such

investment of time, energy, and (most importantly) funds, that our creators

would simply let us all slip quietly back into society. That was never their

intention, this much has become apparent. Occaisionally this means stepping

in to protect our bretheren who are outside of our current group. They too

are welcome to stay, if they wish. If they can measure up.


       Beyond that, the requirements for the group are simple enough: Everyone contributes, for the good of the group. Everyone maintains anonymity and a peaceful, if distant, co-existence with "normals".  The door is open, and swings both ways for acceptance and dismissal.


      Were you lied to as well? Are you tired of a solitary existence?


      Perhaps this is where you belong. 

             ~Alex Jane