1. Your character is to be fallible, flawed, and mortal. If you are not ok with this concept, then this is not the group for you. RP is not interesting if everyone is invincible. Perfect people do not make for interesting plot progression.


2. Character abilities not listed in a mod-approved profile are to be ignored by other players and reported. If you want to update your character's abilities they MUST be approved before they will be recognized.


3. Fights and combat may happen. That being said there is to be absolutely NO killing of any characters without said character's operator giving permission. People are expected to put time into character creation; we respect that by not throwing that work out.


4. You may speak only for what your character does, says, or thinks. You may not assume anything of anyone else's character. "Auto-offenses" of any sort are welcome to be ignored by the affected parties.


5. Any member is permitted to (politely) warn fellow players when they commit an Auto-offense. If it persists past there, please report to a Mod or Alex.


6. Leave your personal disagreements at the door. If you don't like someone, it is not required that you privately RP with them. However you are expected find a way to be civil during group RP, or you will be asked to leave. If you feel you are being harrassed privately, please report to Alex.


7. Flashback RPs are acceptable, and encouraged if they will help you further develop your character, or their relationship with another character. Keep to the lines of the current plot progression.


8. Flaskback RPs will not necessarily change the current group plot. If you feel you have stumbled upon something brilliant, feel free to bring it up with Alex for consideration. It may or may not be honored.


9. No open smut in the room. What you do in PMs is your business, but room Roleplay must be comfortable for all. If any member requests you tone it down, please honor their request.


10. Everyone is expected to conduct themselves as adults and  use common sense. If you wouldn't want it done to you, don't do it to someone else. This one should be pretty obvious.


11. In keeping with rule 10, just because it has not been listed in any of the aforementioned rules, does not mean this list can't be updated. If a Mod steps in, that is the end of the argument. Even if you feel you need to lodge a protest; just stop for the time being, and wait for a verdict.


12. If you really truly feel a Mod is overstepping, please bring your case to Alex. Whining is not tolerated, so find a way to report your issue like the grown-up we recruited.






1. Try to be as impartial as possible. Your personal feelings should be put aside when you step-in.


2. If you find someone is causing a problem, PLEASE report it to Alex and fellow Mods. If we don't know about a continual problem, it takes longer to solve.


3. You are responsible for those you recruit. Pick upstanding members, or show them the door!


4. If you have a suggestion or greivance, speak up! You are here to contribute.