Struggling to turn the tides on hostile situations overseas, the US government had finally given the green-light on a secret enhancement experiment for a special group of enlistees, called "Pantheon Experiment." The Experiment had three levels: Spartans, indomitable warriors of magnified strength and battle skills. Polymaths, whose strengths lay more in cognitive areas such as technology and mastry of all things mechanical. And Centurions, a happy moderation of both, combined with tactical reasoning, designed for leadership. It happened that the experiment was approved by the Senate and the House, but kept under wraps for obvious reasons. They were to choose different specimens from different divisions to be placed under the Experiment, to be altered under the influence of Nanites inserted into the brain. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

     The people being experimented on were misinformed. Assured the enhancement

would not exceed what it was meant to give. Some were promised strength, speed,

some intelligence. Nothing to alienate them from returning to the lives they were to

temporarily vacate.


     The Nanites did more than expected. Abilities arose that were not anticipated. It

was unknown if the people running the experiment had been aware of this possibile

outcome or not. Unusual abilities manifested, from elemental control, to drastically

magnified extrasensory abilities. It was taken in stride, and those who still had cognitive reasoning were taught to use these talents as any other personal strength, or weapon if applicable, before they were released for combat. As the results proved highly beneficial to their cause, the scientist clapped and called it a success.


     But when peace descended and it was time to deliver on promises that participants could return home, concern began to fester. The decision makers that had fueled the progression of the entire project began to doubt. What would happen when these individuals were released to normal society? Did they really want to release such valuable but potentially volatile, components to the public? Could they risk the entire nature of the Pantheon Experiments being exposed?


                                                    Promises had been made, assurances that the Nanites could be removed as easily as                                                      they were inserted. Turning them into action was a nightmare. Subject after subject fell, as                                                  it seemed the host could not endure alone after augmentation. It was then the pawns began                                                  to have questions of their own, as it became more and more clear they had been mislead.                                                    Either those running the Experiment had not gauged the nature of the Nanites properly. Or                                                  worse, they were not inclined forthcoming on what the reality of the results of Nanite                                                          exposure was going to be.


     They fled. Some went their own ways. Some chose to stay together. And so, The Middle Children returned to home soil. But never to return to the lives they had left behind.